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January 8, 2021
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January 11, 2021

Always Matchy

by: Gela Munoz

Social Media: @thegelabeef

We came across this like-minded couple who has a common love for style and would dress up in matching outfits-sometimes planned and sometimes even coincidentally. They’re #AlwaysMatchy in fashion, and are sure a match made in heaven!

We’re Paolo and Gela, previously boyfriend and girlfriend, turned husband and wife last February 2019. One of the things that drew us to each other while we were still dating were our shared loved for fashion and style. So much so, that we would even show up to our dates in very similar outfits without even planning it – hence, the hashtag #AlwaysMatchy was born.

During the 2020 quarantine, since we loved dressing up but couldn’t really do so we would:

  1. Have a dressed up day at home and take photos together.
  1. Dress up for the rare days out to keep us inspired style wise. Yes, we would wear our Jordans and suit jackets to the grocery store.

When this new normal started, at first, we felt tired and uninspired. We’ve been giving the word “busy” too much power that it even affected our formerly carefree love for dressing up. But, as the weeks progressed, we realized that God gave us this time to make the most out of it – at our own pace and for His purpose. So, we decided to do things that would help us be better stewards of His God given time, talents, and treasure. We practiced better time management, re-arranged our furniture & de-cluttered to make it the home that we wanted it to be, cooked healthier, and re-visited all the goals that we once had (the ones that we used to make excuses for not pursuing because we were too “busy”).


One of which was re-discovering our love for style and fashion. Hence, that is why we decided to dress up again every chance we could get – even if it meant just staying at home. We believe that everyday is an opportunity for you to live your best life with whatever you have been given and that’s what we’ve been trying to do with God’s guidance and help.


Another goal we have for #AlwaysMatchy is to encourage and give advice to couples who might be going through the same situations as us – especially when it comes to being newlyweds – through Youtube videos. Hopefully you can say tuned for that!