Sydney’s Scenic Splendor

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Sydney’s Scenic Splendor

By: Kaila Nunag

A month-long stay in Australia’s best-known city? Sounds extremely exciting! The first thing I did was search for the best tourist spots and picturesque places. I got my own list of must-visit landmarks to check out. But what they say is true- it’s far more different if you experience its charm with your own eyes.

Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House take the top spots on places to visit. Aside from these well-celebrated tourist destinations, Sydney has a lot of very scenic places unknown to many. Having resident friends as instant tour guides is an advantage when touring a city for the first time. One thing that made my stay so worthwhile was discovering a plentiful of venues to take photos at, because what is a trip without beautiful photos, right?

1.) ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL – Sydney is known to be a Catholic city. St. Mary’s Cathedral is a home to those who share the same faith. Its rustic charm and old renaissance structure is a notable sight to catch a glimpse of. Feel free to take photos outside, as any snap is discouraged inside the cathedral.


The life-size chess also caught my attention. It’s one of the favorite spots in the area.
Who wouldn’t be struck by this art exhibition at St. Mary’s Cathedral called The Christmas Story?

2.) TARONGA ZOO – Sydney is known for Koalas and Kangaroos. You may take a tour at Taronga Zoo if your bucket list includes seeing the country’s famed animals. It rests on the city’s serene harbours. To get to the zoo, book a ferry ride on Darling Harbour or Circular Quay.

Taronga Zoo isn’t just an abode for animals. Since it’s nestled on an island, the zoo is also a view overlooking the beautiful cityscape. Enjoy the telescopic glimpse of the Sydney Opera House & Sydney Tower. Best to take a photo with the view on the frame, I swear it will look much like a postcard!

3.) AUBURN BOTANICAL GARDEN – For the lovers of nature, I cannot think of a distinct word on how beautiful this garden is. It provides a variety of perspectives to have a ranging experience of Australia including the native, rainforest and Japanese gardens. If you have a thing for spring, the cherry blossoms will greet you with delight. There’s also an area that has an autumn scenery, and a lake that looks so surreal, as if you’re encapsulated in a fairytale. In fact, it is a favorite venue for weddings in Australia.

I know one thing for certain: your camera will be maximized at its best as every corner here is photo-worthy.

4. SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – This is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear Australia. The iconic Sydney Opera House is one not to miss. As influenced by Broadway music, it’s a dream of mine to watch a show in a remarkable performing arts theatre such as this. Although I wasn’t able to tick that off my bucket list on my first visit, merely seeing the architecture live is already an event in my travel life.

5.) DARLING HARBOUR – A visit to Australia would not be complete without a stroll at the Darling Harbour. A home to cultural festivities located in the city centre of Sydney, you might be one of the many tourists who will mark it as their favorite. Darling Harbour is a world to see. Spend leisure time cruising on the harbour, visit the museums, witness regularly held festivals and a whole lot more.

6.) CENTRAL TOWN SYDNEY – If you’re someone who enjoy long walks, sight seeing and shopping, spend a day in Central Town, with designer outlets, well-known cafes & restaurants in sight. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little, too!


7.) ROOTY HILL’S STREET ART – Isn’t it such a joy to accidentally spot artsy walls and backgrounds? During a day of shopping, we found these creatively painted walls on the streets of Rooty Hill. Diverse themes are expressed on brick walls in every alley, explicitly showcasing the locals’ creative minds.



1.Explore. Sometimes, spontaneous trips give you the best undiscovered places and views.

2.Always charge your camera before going out. You wouldn’t want to miss a photo on the best landmarks!

3.If you are on a solo trip and want a photo taken by a stranger, take a sample shot or angle the camera the way you want your photo to be taken.

4.Take as many photos as you can. You’re only there once, so might as well make the most out of it.

5.Research about the place you’re going to. This is a pointer I never forget before traveling, so I know where to get the best shots.