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Sweet Escape in Sydney

by Kaila Mae Nunag

With all the beautiful travel photos we see on social media on a daily basis, we could say any travel would not be complete without getting our own dose of it. Photos that stand out – is often our aim when we arrive at destinations with picturesque views or photo-worthy landmarks. 
We wouldn’t let a nice spot go to waste without taking a good photo at it, right?

Sure, we could always take photos on our own or have them taken by our travel buddies, but nothing can compare to professionally taken photos. I’ve long been wanting to try the services of this company that specializes in travel photography. How awesome is it to have a photographer along with you while you enjoy beautiful sceneries without having to stress about how to take your photos?

SweetEscape is just a great idea. In almost 200 cities worldwide, they have a pool of photographers who take photos for tourists. Their service is one of its kind, even famous bloggers and celebrities avail a photo session from them. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Book a session on their website.
Go to and schedule a photo session on your travel.

2. Choose your date and time.
It’s best to schedule ahead of time (at least two weeks before your preferred date, so as to ensure the availability of your chosen time).

3. Plan your session.
The SweetEscape team will welcome you via chat to discuss your session. The concierge will also connect you to your photographer. Don’t worry about language barriers, as Sweet Escape usually assigns a photographer who can speak your language

4. Chat with your photographer using the Sweet Escape app.
You can freely discuss the location and meeting time with your photographer. The photographer would normally suggest places on where to shoot best, but if you want to visit and take photos at specific locations, you may request to do so. Sending him sample shots you like will also help.

5. Enjoy a 2 hour photo session.
Expect the photo session to be somewhat a mini tour. It’s best to hop on different places than get stuck in one location. Bring extra clothes if you opt for an outfit change. Your friends/family can also join you during the shoot.

Reminder: Be on time so you can make the most out of your session, every minute is precious! 

6. Wait for your photos to be edited and uploaded.
Photos are ready in as fast as 3 days, minimally and beautifully edited. You can view them on your SweetEscape gallery using your account.

7. Feel free to post your photos online.
Let the world see your beautiful photos! Don’t forget to tag the SweetEscape team(@sweet.escape) when you post.

Find SweetEscape online:
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