Hunger for Success Brought CEO Kim Dizon to Top

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September 11, 2020
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September 19, 2020

Hunger for Success Brought CEO Kim Dizon to Top

by Danielle Anne Eugenio

“I want to achieve all my dreams in life – to be an entrepreneur.” These are the first few words, Let There Be Bright Tutorial Services CEO Kim Tony Dizon stated at the beginning of the interview.

Photo Credit: Kim Tony Dizon

The young CEO Kim Dizon, now 25, was a teacher by profession. He was also a freelance tutor when he was in college. These things prove that he is a motivated businessman. Being a student, then a businessman at a young age, did not hinder him from working hard to meet his dreams.

“Every person has a bright future despite the difficulties he/she has been facing,” was Dizon’s answer when asked what his inspiration in building LTBB was. He looked through the eyes of his market, the people, and absorbed the things that pushed him hard to be where he is right now.

CEO Kim Dizon knew a tutoring service was the perfect business for him because of the people who believed in his capabilities. He utilized his means wisely and did not back down from every trial. From Let There Be Bright’s launching in February 2018, the business experienced many struggles, “A lot to mention, but what matters most is that I didn’t give up. No matter how big or small the travails are, if you truly believe in yourself, you can see the light that you’ll be successful one day.” Dizon emphasized. Although Dizon said he was overwhelmed and anxious when he gained his first client, it didn’t stop him from reaching his dreams.

These are just some of the things he expressed, which could help a lot of starting entrepreneurs. He also said that he prioritized to invest more on the materials and his employees. LTBB now has more than 300 students availing their programs. It has also started releasing its online advertisements on different social media platforms and gaining tons of praise from its clients. The business now has ten tutors, four-team heads, one operations manager, and two chat support team.

LTBB caters any grade level from kinder to professional. They have different programs that fit people of any age. The GCQ or the General Comprehensive Quality accommodates students from kinder to grade 6. Meanwhile, the ECQ or Enhanced Comprehensive Quality provides services for class 7 to 12 students. Lastly, the EECQ or Extensive Enhanced Comprehensive Quality gives out its services to college and professional level.

Another challenge that hit the business was the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From face-to-face tutorials, Dizon and his team had to adapt. They chose to focus on the goal instead of the problem. The young CEO also revealed that he used a psychographic analysis to step his marketing strategy up. He kept an eye on the emotions and changes in the behavior of the people. “Competency and compassion to people,” were the things Kim Dizon said when asked what are the most essential ingredients to success coming from the perspective of a progressive businessman.