Living the Melbourne Life This Pandemic: How A Pinay Continues To Think Positive This COVID-19

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September 7, 2020
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Living the Melbourne Life This Pandemic: How A Pinay Continues To Think Positive This COVID-19

By: Nikki Viola

At these trying times, living far away from your loved ones is pretty grappling. Pinoys around the world are still contending with the impact of COVID-19 and if surviving is challenging to us, what more to Filipinos who live abroad?



Among the thousands (or millions) of Flipinos who continue to face this challenge is Carol Cruz, a 29-year- old pinay who started living in Melbourne, Australia back in 2016 with her then boyfriend and now-fiance. She started out as a student, with Carol doing her MBA then eventually pursuing a career in client relations and hospitality.

With years of adjusting to a new country, Carol considers living abroad as a one-of-a kind experience. It will test you in a lot of ways. Everyday is unexpected. And the biggest unexpected turn was the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 and what could happen can be overwhelming and can cause strong emotions for people. But for Carol, her faith is stronger than this pandemic.

“It did affect me when I lost my job, and got shaken for a bit. But with proper support and intervention, I believe one can overcome it. As for me, it was community groups that boosted my spiritual nourishment. I kept busy by up scaling myself through online courses and internships and working out at home.” she shared.


Carol also opened up how this pandemic opened a lot of opportunities for her and was able to put her communication and marketing skills to good use.

“Currently, I’m a Resident Liaison Officer for an Aged Care Facility. Since the lockdown kasi, no visitors are allowed at the home care, so I help the residents (elderlies) contact their families by organizing video or phone calls for them. I’m proud and happy of what I do and it’s a fulfilling job, especially when I see the smiles, tears of joy, when they cheer up, whenever I connect them to their families. I realized how 4 minutes of call can make someone’s day. Also, I’m an Intern for a PH website brand that allows me to influence, and educate people through my words. I’m very happy that I get to do what I love and at the same time discover and upscale my skills in creatives. 

Both are very good opportunities that opened to me this pandemic, not just for self-development and opportunity to change but most of all, I know I’m a part of something good.”

As Carol continues to keep the faith and to discover more of herself despite the unfortunate situation, she shares how someone who lives far away can still step out of their comfort zone.

“Just do it! Don’t wait for signs, it won’t come or if it comes- it might be too late. SO DO IT NOW.”