Unsung Filipino Catalysts of the Pandemic

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Unsung Filipino Catalysts of the Pandemic

by: Yasser Puno

RESILIENCY – Have you ever wondered why superman’s only weakness is kryptonite? And have you ever asked yourself, how villains sustain their rage? I assure you, resiliency is the key.

Heroes evolved from being ideal’s to practical’s, some are sung but most are unsung. Most have not been vocal in helping the common mass, definitely its secrecy and resiliency. Stories of some heroes brought up change – one of the few illustrates dedication to service, commitment to excellence and selfless love. In times of crisis, heroes are being tested. The battle cry of undying support system is merely impossible for them to escape. Good example? – A pandemic. Filipinos were known to be one.

I still remember the time I was first exposed with the crisis, definitely no one tried to move unless they were tasked to do so. The common mass felt scared, unprotected and unsafe. Front liners dealt with the warfare with questions about their safety. I merely prayed that someday, a cure will be found. It’s hard for someone to fight without assurance of receiving protection. Heroes challenge doubled and in this time, as the world fights, stories of unsung hope and love may have become inspiring to many who worry about what future might bring.

Photo Credit: Public Order and Safety Division - Baguio City

Tony Quezon, a farmer of Purok 2 Irisan, showed resiliency in dealing with crisis, instead of allowing his produce to spoil due to lack of demand, he has contacted the Mayor’s office and offered to donate them. In response, the said office immediately dispatched POSD personnel to Mr. Quezon’s farm to do the harvesting. The lettuces were first distributed to different front liners who are enforcing the quarantine. After which, the POSD distributed half the harvest to the common mass, while lettuce may not be a basic commodity, in times of crisis such as what we are facing, any food is much appreciated.

Photo Credit: Hannibal Talete

Mang Boyong also showed selfless love, he is a street vendor selling taho, has given up his daily income and chose to give away the popular snack to feed check point personnel along Valenzuela-Meycauayan Bulacan boundary. Mang Boyong was seen by a netizen and news posts burst out the social feed that made him unsung. He was just a simple taho vendor that in the many years of selling his product, he already knew that trials to be over fatigued from lack of sleep, with these front liners being on-duty overnight, guarding the border and helping the patients, he just wanted to help them regain some strength with the only he can think of – giving them taho.

Photo Credit: Dailypedia

Lastly, JC Enon who designed a way to transform public bottles into personal protective equipment (PPE) face shields for healthcare workers and other front liners in the battle. JC is a Puerto Princesa-based iCARES Earth Hero awardee that designed a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Face shields using plastic bottles or acetate and few other materials

The face shield project now involves the Philippine Red Cross, Palawan chapter, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO), and his passion project, Moto In Can, in the production and distribution of the PPE’s to CDRRMO, PDRRMO, Puerto Princesa Airport, Inagawan Satellite Clinic and San Rafael Satellite Clinic.

How inspiring.

These are some of the few. Some may still feel hopeless, but stand still. Most of the unsung heroes have one in common – RESILIENCY. Ability to help others is the key. Trials may push the limits, dawn may be present but as long as there are heroes to shed light, hope will prevail. No matter how sung and unsung someone is, what matters the most is the willingness to be resilient in times of crisis. Now, have you ever wondered why superman’s only weakness is kryptonite? And have you ever asked yourself, how villains sustain their rage? I assure you, resiliency is the key.