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Destination Melbourne: Top 8 Landmarks To See

Every place has a story to tell. This is what I can say about Melbourne.
I’ve heard and read about this a lot of times –  the city is home to the best coffees and its European vibe. I was giddy and excited to discover its beauty with my own two eyes. 
The plane ride from Sydney was a little more than an hour. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, Melbourne can also be travelled by land or through train.
As soon as we approached the city from the airport, a collective of overwhelming skyscrapers welcomed us. Even if we arrived at night, the city’s splendor was clear to see.
We had 5 days to spend in this beautiful city. Melbourne’s CBD is walkable, and the photo-worthy architecture and attractions are situated from corner to corner. It was not hard to find the places in our itinerary, more so because of the city’s warm residents to whom we asked directions from, most of the time.
I wouldn’t have proclaimed “bucketlist completed” if I missed any of these famous places on my trip to Melbourne, which you should not miss out too, on your future trip to the city:

1. Brighton Bathing Boxes – These quirky beach boxes made of wood were actually on top of my list.
Located in Esplanade, Victoria, the trip to Brighton Bathing Boxes was just around 20-25 minutes from the city. There are 82 of these boxes, colorfully and uniquely painted.

2. Luna Park – Sydney and Melbourne both have this amusement park, mostly popular among kids and kids at heart. Luna Park is located in an inner suburb, St. Kilda, which is a famous seaside tourist spot.

3. Palais Theatre – Dying to experience live music? Then add Palais Theatre to your must-visit list. Originally a cinema, this theatre is known to be one of  few movie places built in the 20th century that still exists today, which makes it a historical landmark.

4. Flinders Street
Hosier Lane – A laneway popular for its artistic murals, a visit in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a photo here. Hosier Lane plays a big role as to why Melbourne is widely known for its urban art scenery.

B. Flinders Station – No icon is as synonymous with Melbourne as the famous Flinders Station. In my opinion, it takes the lead when in pursuit of the well-known landmarks in Melbourne. Flinders is Australia’s oldest train station, that gained fame because of its iconic clock and dome-like structure.

C. St. Paul’s Cathedral – This Anglican cathedral also lies within the busy street of Flinders and is also one of the most visited tourist attractions. Its gothic structure also chips in to Melbourne’s European vibe.

D. Federation Square – Commonly known as the city’s meeting place, Federation Square is a hub of art and cultural events in Melbourne. It also houses a range of restaurants and coffee shops.

5. Cathedral Place
St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Its gothic revival architecture is what makes St. Patrick’s Cathedral stand out. From a tram ride, I saw this majestic structure and made sure pay a visit. This 122 year-old church is a sight to add on your travel list, especially for Roman Catholics.

Windsor Hotel – A short walk from St. Patrick’s Cathedral is The Hotel Windsor. The old, European vibe is what this architectural splendor boasts of. This 5-star hotel is a standout in the area, along with other structures with neoclassical design.

6. Crown Casino – the crown jewel of Southbank, Crown Casino is an entertainment complex sitting in area that’s a few steps away from the central business district. If you are keen in seeing Melbourne’s city lights during night time, head on to this place to capture it in a perfect angle.

7. State Library of Victoria – Australia’s oldest public library has a huge collection of books, photographs, newspapers and a lot more to see. Get amazed by the enormous La Trobe reading room, where over a million books are stored.

8. Hopetoun Tea Rooms (The Block Arcade) – Those who have a habitual liking for sweets must visit this cafe. Guests line up to get seated, and there’s no wonder about this because their cakes are not only pretty to see, but a delight to eat as well. There are gluten-free options as well!

Melbourne is not only about these places on my list – there’s a lot more to see! A 7-day vacay to spend would be perfect for visiting more places, especially  The Great Ocean Road. However, if you plan to just stay on the city, be sure to complete this list and take countless photos, to remember the beauty that Melbourne is.